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Founded in 2008, R.H.F Quartz Stone Australia has been providing high quality stone which is synthesised with quartz crystal (93%), resin (7%) and a small amount of inorganic pigment, which is processed under vacuum condition and through heterogeneous material aggregation technology. It is hardened into fixed thickness products in high temperature, high pressure, grinding and polishing. Its high percentage of quartz crystal ensures its hard and compact structure, which makes it incomparable in the resistance to abrasion, compression, scratch, high temperature, corrosion and penetration. With excellent surface smoothness and gloss, and colourful combinations, our quartz products have similar gloss and texture as natural ones. In brief, all of these prominent advantages have made our products widely used in flooring, wall-covering, counter tops, vanity tops, table tops, windowsills, bar counters, and many other decorative projects. With it’s ISO9001:2000 Quality System Certification, our company and products have won recognition from both experts and customers throughout Australia. Advocating “Quality, Price, and Credibility,” R.H.F Quartz Stone has been providing customers with high quality products and service all around the world mainly in UK, EUROPE and USA, so that every business deal will be satisfactory and favourable.




Sparkly Black 20mm Slabs in stock.                                                          Sparkly White 20mm Slabs in Stock. 

Size:3000x1400x20mm                                                                              Size:3000x1400x20mm  





Calacatta Luna Quartz Stone 20mm slabs in stock. 

Size: 3100x1600x20mm  



Calacatta Borghini Quartz Stone 20mm slabs in stock. Slabs Size 3.150x1.550x20mm 

Size : 3100x1550x20mm



Carrara White Quartz Stone Slabs In Stock.

Size: 3000x1400x20mm 






R.H.F QUARTZ STONE is the premium surfacing material with all the natural quartz without its drawbacks. R.H.F QUARTZ SOTNE is a non-porous material that is highly stain, scratch, and heat resistant. However, it is not stain, scratch, or heat proof. Therefore, using common sense and the right care & maintenance, you can keep you’re R.H.F QUARTZ STONE’s good looks for years to come.


Simply clean R.H.F QUARTZ STONE with soap and water on a regular basis to keep the lustrous gloss and radiant sheen. For routine cleaning, use warm water and a damp cloth with a small amount of no-abrasive cleaner that does not contain bleach. Although R.H.F QUARTZ  STONE is resistant to stain, spills should be cleaned as soon as possible. Liquid spills fruits, vegetables, or other foods should be wiped up and cleaned with soap and water.



R.H.F QUARTZ STONE is designed to be extremely resistant to heat and can withstand exposure to normal cooking environment for brief periods of time without being damaged. Although R.H.F QUARTZ STONE is more resistant to heat compared to most surfacing materials in the market, all surfacing materials, including stone, can be damaged by extreme temperature changes, whether prolonged or sudden. Trivets and hot pads should be used when placing hot skillets, pans or other heat generating appliances on the surface


R.H.F QUARTZ STONE ‘s durable surface is designed to withstand normal use. While it is resistant to scratches, cuts and chipping. Cutting directly on R.H.F QUARTZ STONE should be avoided. Using cutting boards and taking care not to drop or move heavy objects on the surface will help to ensure the long-lasting beauty of R.H.F QUARTZ STONE.


There are some chemicals that may damage R.H.F QUARTZ  STONE. Avoid exposing R.H.F QUARTZ STONE to any strong chemicals and solvents that can be found in household items like paint removers, paint and stain strippers that contain trichloroethane or methylene chloride, nail polish removers, bleach, furniture cleaners, oil soaps, permanent markers or inks, and chemicals with high alkaline/PH levels (over cleaners, drain openers, etc). Avoid using cleaning products that contain oils, powders or abrasives. Though long-term or frequent exposure must be avoided at all times, product that contain acetone or bleach may be used with short-term exposure (removing and rinsing with in 5 minutes of application) to clean difficult stains or residues. Always handle such cleaning agents with care and rinse the applied



For stubborn or dried spills, if routine cleaning procedures do not work, use a non-abrasive cleaning pad along with common household cleaners or glass and surface cleaners. If gum, nail polish, paint, or other substances are accidentally allowed to adhere to the surface, they can be removed with the used of plastic scraper or putty knife to gently scrape off the substance and by following routine cleaning procedures.


R.H.F QUARTZ STONE is made form the finest natural quartz, making it one of nature’s hardest surfaces. As a result, R.H.F QUARTZ STONE will keep its beauty for years without sealing or polishing, it is also non-porous, so it wont absorb stains or amass harmful bacteria. However, as general precaution, maintain you’re R.H.F QUARTZ  STONE by using trivets and cutting boards to avoid damages caused by extreme or sudden change in temperature or impact on surface.





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