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        Does Natural Stone; Travertine, Marble, Basalt or Limestone need to be sealed?

        Yes, all natural stone must be sealed to protect from the elements that could stain material.

        We have conducted our own testing with various sealers and found the most affective sealer to be from Actichem.

        We offer Actichem Solv Seal Gold (natural finish) and Actichem Intense (wet look).

        Do you delivery to my area, I am not in Sydney?

        Yes, we often send our products to the whole east coast of Australia (QLD, NSW & VIC).

        We can organize delivery all around Australia. 

        TIP: If you can get in contact with a local truck company sometimes you might be able to ask if they do a backload from Sydney, this could save you some $$.

        Please email your full delivery address for an accurate delivery quotation.

        Do you only sell stone?

        We also carry a range of accessories that compliment your stone purchase such as;



        Skimmer lid kits


        Can you cut to suit required sizes?

        Yes, we do offer a cutting service in our factory here in Sydney.

        We often cut pavers to custom required sizes for application such as wall capping, pool coping, edge strips and much more.

        For pricing please email through requirements with sizes and quantities required.

        Can I view stock before I purchase?

        Yes, we prefer you view the actual stock you are purchasing prior to ordering so you can see the exact batch that you will be getting.

        Is there different grades of Natural Stone and what grade is your stock?

        Yes absolutely, there are various grades of natural stone. This is graded by the color variation, pitting (size & amount of holes), size variation and density of the stone.

        Stone Wholesalers only stock A Grade material as we pride ourselves on the best natural stone for the best price! You are more than welcome to view stock in our warehouse facilities

    • About
      • Tundra Grey Polished Marble

        Stone Wholesalers is dedicated to bringing the beauty and versatility of natural stone direct to builders, architects, landscapers, stone masons and homeowners. We are constantly striving to bring our customers the finest quality Travertine in the world with the best possible prices.

        To achieve this goal Stone Wholesalers employs associates in Turkey whose main job description is to secure the finest raw materials available. In order to do this, they must play an active role in overseeing every aspect of production from the quarry to the factory, right down to the final selection process.

        In doing so, we are also able to keep pace with changes in the stone sector which means that our customers can feel assured that their products are being produced using the latest technology and technique with strict attention being given to the finished product. The volume of business and relationship with our suppliers allows us to pass down savings to our customers without compromising quality and service.

        For shipments out of our Sydney warehouse or FOB factory call us today and let Stone Wholesalers start going to work for you.

Sofia Beige Polished Marble 20mm Slabs

Sofia Beige Polished Marble 20mm Slabs

Slabs range from approximately 2700-3000×1500-1600mm $150+GST/m2

20mm thick

Our Sofia Beige polished marble has very soft cream backround with very unique patterns and minimal veins.

Slabs to be measured when purchased to determine cost.

$150.00 + GST

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