Umit Sezgin and Sedat Sezgin Stone Wholesalers

Stone Wholesalers is dedicated to bringing the beauty and versatility of natural stone direct to builders, architects, landscapers, stone masons and homeowners. We are constantly striving to bring our customers the finest quality Travertine in the world with the best possible prices.

To achieve this goal Stone Wholesalers employs associates in Turkey whose main job description is to secure the finest raw materials available. In order to do this, they must play an active role in overseeing every aspect of production from the quarry to the factory, right down to the final selection process.

In doing so, we are also able to keep pace with changes in the stone sector which means that our customers can feel assured that their products are being produced using the latest technology and technique with strict attention being given to the finished product. The volume of business and relationship with our suppliers allows us to pass down savings to our customers without compromising quality and service.

For shipments out of our Sydney warehouse or FOB factory call us today and let Stone Wholesalers start going to work for you.

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