Stone Sealer

For years Stone Wholesalers has been using Actichem sealers to protect our natural stone slabs, pavers and tiles. 

Actichem, made in Australia brings the finest raw materials together in their laboratory to produce a large range of stone sealing and stone cleaning products suitable for all of our travertine, marble, limestone and bluestone. 

Our preferred sealers are Actichem Solv Sealer Gold and Actichem Intense. 

Solv Sealer Gold is a premium penetrating solvent based sealer made up of nanoparticles that fills the very fine pores of the stone you are sealing. Actichem’s magical recipe for Solv Sealer Gold has proven to stop staining of natural stone in all types of environments, indoor and outdoor while maintaining a natural look and feel. Can be used for kitchen benchtops, outdoor natural stone pool paving areas, coping pavers or anywhere else you can imagine using stone. 

Solv Sealer Gold has been independently tested by a NATA approved stone laboratory.

Solve Sealer Gold has the Stone Wholesalers stamp of approval, we have tested this sealer in real world environments in our own backyards on natural stone pool paving, alfresco paving, kitchen benchtops and BBQ benchtops. It has withstood the test of everything from dirt, bbq grease grime, red wine and general cooking spills. See photos and videos below.


Intense sealer is a premium stone sealer which holds all of the same stain resistant properties of the above Solv Sealer Gold, however enhancing and enriching the natural colours within the stone. 

For anyone who wants to bring out the colours found in their travertine, marble, limestone or granite, Intense is the perfect choice.

Speak to one of our experts, let us know the stone you are sealing and the finish you would like to achieve and we can find the perfect product to save your stone. 

Before cleaning algae and dirt build up