Kitchen and Stone Benchtops


Imperial White Polished Marble 20mm


Light Emperador Polished Marble 20mm Slabs

$190.00 + GST

Sofia Beige Polished Marble 20mm Slabs

Sofia Beige Polished Marble 20mm Slabs

$200.00 + GST

Alacante Aegean Brown marble

Alacante Aegean Brown Marble Slabs 20mm

$150.00 + GST

Ostrich Grey Quartz polished 3050x1700x20mm (5)

Ostrich Grey Polished Quartzite 20mm Slabs

$380.00 + GST


Cappuccino Marble Slabs 20mm

$190.00 + GST


Emprador Black Marble Slabs 20mm

$180.00 + GST

Colonial White Granite polished (2)

Colonial White Granite 20mm Slabs

$440.00 + GST

Tundra Grey Honed Slabs

Tundra Grey Honed Limestone Slabs 20mm

$280.00 + GST

Nero Diamante Slabs

Nero Diamante Marble Based Engineered Stone 3000x1200x20mm

$130.00 + GST

Charcoal Lightning Polished Marble Slabs

Charcoal Lightning Polished Marble Slabs 20mm

$150.00 + GST


Silver Travertine Honed & Unfilled Slabs 30mm

$250.00 + GST

Vein cut unfilled travertine

Classic Vein Cut Honed and Unfilled Travertine 20mm Slabs

$190.00 + GST

Plain Limestone slabs honed 2

Limra Honed Limestone 20mm Slabs

$190.00 + GST

Jet black Granite polished (2)

Jet Black Polished Granite 20mm

$440.00 + GST

Ritali Grey Polished Marble Stone Wholesalers

Ritali Grey Polished Marble Slabs

$380.00 + GST


Multi Colour Red Granite Slabs 20mm

Beige Fossil Scuro Polished Marble (1)

Beige Fossil Scuro Marble Slabs 20mm

Pietra Grey Honed Limestone (6)

Pietra Grey Polished Limestone Slabs 20mm

Verde Marinaci Polished Granite (10)

Verde Marinaci Granite Slabs 20mm

Verde Eucalyptus Polished Granite

Verde Eucalyptus Granite Slabs 20mm

Rosa Laguna Polished Marble (8)

Roso Laguna Marble Slabs 20mm

Seagrass brushed limestone (5)

Fossil Brushed Limestone Slabs 20mm

Black Forest 20mm Slab

Black Forest Leatherette Finish 20mm Slab

$290.00 + GST

Noce travertine travertine

Noce Travertine Honed 20mm Slabs

$190.00 + GST

Honed jet black granite

Jet Black Honed Granite 20mm

$440.00 + GST

Steel Grey brushed 20mm 3020x2000x20 (3)

Steel Grey Brushed/Flamed 20mm slabs

$420.00 + GST

Honey Onyx Stone Wholesalers

Honey Onyx Slabs

$550.00 + GST

New York Marble Slabs

New York Marble Polished Slabs

$380.00$420.00 + GST

About Kitchen and Stone Benchtops

Kitchen and Stone Benchtops
Transform your kitchen, bathroom, living space or outdoor area with our impressive collection of granite benchtops, marble benchtops,travertine benchtops, limestone benchtops with out exclusive collection of natural stone kitchen benchtops and tiles to fit every home design. Our stone benchtops and other products are available in smooth or polished or honed textures, varying thicknesses and a wide range of trendy colors and a number of edge features to match the design.
Our experienced stonemasons cut, shape and polish slabs from our extensive natural stone collection, reflecting on many years of experience and passion for the raw material.

Marble Benchtops
Marble benchtops give the ultimate luxurious and elegance with its unique veining and characteristics. When fabricating marble benchtops to a specific recommended finish we can ensure that your marble benchtops will be stain-resistant and perfect for any kitchen using the correct sealers that block the pours of the stone. Marble benchtops are also suitable for foyers, bathrooms custom panels, bathroom vanities, fireplace hearths, dining tables custom stair treads and more.
Marble benchtops come in many different color combinations and typically show a popular vein design of elegant swirls and overlapping color patches that make marble famous.

Granite Benchtops
Toughest of all-natural stone benchtop products, highly resistant to stain, damage and heat. Available in a broad color range perfect for kitchen benchtops. Of all-natural stone, granite is one of the hardest making granite more stain-and scratch-resistant, and available in a wide, and very beautiful, color selection. Granite is known for its distinctive grains and specles. Mostly common from dark to light color variations. Granite benchtops are also suitable for foyers, bathrooms custom panels, bathroom vanities, fireplace hearths, dining tables custom stair treads and more.
The one disadvantage of granite benchtops over marble, travertine and limestone is that we can’t hone the surface (matte finish). Once the factory polished finish is applied due the the stone being so hard we are not able to change the surface finish.

Natural Stone Benchtops
The uniqueness of our natural stone makes it a perfect choice for your kitchen benchtops. Marble is common with passionate cooks because it's great to roll out pastry, with our world class sealer nano technologies we can assure the stone will be stain resistant from everyday usage such as red wine, coffee, spices and certain juices. The surface can be matt finish (honed) which we recommend or gloss (polished) for marble benchtops, limestone benchtops and travertine benchtops, and it's best to visit the factory and choose the slab from our wide range of natural stone.

Whether you're a homeowner, stone mason, builder, designer or architect searching for natural stone with quality and on-time delivery or just designing or renovating your dream kitchen or bathroom, you've come to the right place. We pride ourselves in accuracy and realize the importance of customer satisfaction. Are you looking for natural stone benchtops, marble benchtops, limestone benchtops, travertine benchtops or granite benchtops?

Search no further! Contact us or call us and find out why Stone Wholesalers is one of Sydney's most prestigious stonemasons?

We are experts in granite benchtops, marble benchtops and all types of stone benchtops for your kitchen and vanity.

Where do you deliver to?

Stone Wholesalers distribute their stone products throughout Australia and New Zealand. Stone slabs must be handled with care and we know how to deliver them without any accidents, falls or cracks to your doorstep. Contact us or email us for more information at any time. We will ship according to your preferences.

What are the different types of pool coping?

Yes. Stone is porous and can easily get stained, so as long as you regularly seal and maintain it in a proper way to protect against damages, your natural stone benchtops won’t stain and will keep on looking like new. Natural stone is a great option for your bench tops as long as you use good quality sealer. Contact us for more information on the best quality sealers we carry with us.

Where are you located?

You can easily reach us at our wonderful location. We're located at Unit 6, 15-17 Tucks Rd Seven Hills, NSW, 2147. We are open Monday to Friday, between 08:30 to 04:30 and from Saturday, from 08:30 to 12:30. Visit us at our huge showroom and warehouse in Sydney. You can see our largest collection of stone tiles, pool copings and stone products.

Will my pavers stain?

You pavers will not stain if you use a good quality sealer. For all sorts of stone products, we carry the best sealers such as Actichem Solv Seal Gold and the Actichem Intense Sealers which are considered the best in the market. These sealers work well to protect your sheet from all types of stains, protecting all your natural stone products.