Actichem Intense Hybrid

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Intense Hybrid is high penetration enhancing sealer for porous stone.

Intense Hybrid is a premium quality sealer which enhances and enriches the natural colour and beauty of porous stone types, whilst imparting outstanding stain protection and water repellency. Intense Hybrid beautifies and enriches the natural colouring found in stone by making the stone more light absorbent. The more light that is absorbed by the stone, the darker it will appear to the naked eye. Whilst the body of the substrate is darkened, the higher density minerals and exposed aggregates are brightened which lifts the appearance of the whole area.

Intense Hybrid is a unique formula because it is both a penetrating sealer and a topical sealer. On a porous surface such as sawn granite, 1 application will act exactly as a penetrating sealer, if subsequent applications are applied, they will form an extremely durable topical film.

Colour: Clear
pH: N/A
Fragrance: Solvent
Dilution: Ready to use
Safety profile: Class 3 Flammable liquid
Pack sizes: 5Lt & 15Lt

Stone Wholesalers stocks 5Lt Intense Hybrid. Other sizes are to be specially ordered.

Actichem Intense Hybrid 5Lt