Cladding & Cobblestone

Cladding and Cobblestone

Stone Wholesalers hold the largest range of natural stone Cobblestones and Cladding in Sydney. Our cobblestones are installed on mesh sheets for ease of installation in large quantities. Cobblestones on mesh sheets are stored and accessible in a linear design, but either a fan pattern or brick attachment may, of course, limited to your creativity.

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Our Cobblestones are suitable for outdoor cobblestone pavers, driveways, walkways or pathways, recreational areas, paving borders and more. We stock bluestone claddings as they are extremely dense, strong and hard-wearing for driveways.

For those homeowners looking to add a bit of a more fun look, we have also loose cladding stone available. Look no further if you need natural stone cladding. We stock cladding in limestone, travertine, and bluestone.

We sell cladding and cobblestones across all of Sydney and Australia. Stone Wholesalers believes in providing an amazing experience and delivers in any Sydney metro and regional areas of Australia with fair delivery pricing.

You can trust our team to deliver the best in the business with years of business experience and comprehensive product knowledge, which allows us to provide only the most valuable cladding and cobblestone products in Sydney and Australia.

Experience our beautiful wall claddings that we are supplying in all travertine, limestone and bluestone natural stone both for interior and exterior projects. We offer these stone claddings and cobblestone with a high quantity in stock due to the high demand in our products.

We are in a great strategic location with our sourcing business as we are willing to deliver premium goods in Sydney and beyond. Australia’s desire for quality cladding and cobblestone has grown due to its beauty, elegance and unbelievably long-lasting finish. We love to supply Australian projects with our cladding and cobblestone products, and constantly work to provide innovative, stylish new products to give your project a truly unique look.

If you want to place an order or want to discuss the design needs of your project, simply contact our friendly staff.

We give Australia’s home and building business owners an excellent level of service and fulfill all the cladding and cobblestone needs.

Simply fill out the form on our contact page or call us any time and you will be assisted by one of our team members in no time.