Tundra Grey Sandblasted Stone Wholesalers

Tundra Grey Sandblasted Limestone | 15mm, 18mm Tiles & 30mm Pavers

$95.50$120.50 + GST

Seagrass Limestone Sandblasted

Seagrass Sandblasted Limestone | 12mm Tiles & 30mm Pavers

$95.50$105.50 + GST

Seabed fossil limestone Tumbled & unfilled (1)

Seabed Tumbled & Unfilled Limestone | 12mm Tiles & 30mm Pavers

$95.50$105.50 + GST

Seabed Fossil Limestone

Seabed Fossil Split Face Limestone Cladding 12mm

$82.50 + GST

Hermes Blue Tumbled & Brushed 30mm (1)

Hermes Blue Tumbled & Brushed Limestone Pavers 30mm

$99.00 + GST

Hermes Blue Breccia Tumbled & Brushed 30mm (1)

Hermes Blue Breccia Tumbled & Brushed Limestone Pavers 30mm

$99.00 + GST

Ivory Limestone Cladding

Ivory Split Face Limestone Cladding 20mm

$82.50 + GST

Tundra Grey Honed Slabs

Tundra Grey Honed Limestone Slabs 20mm

$280.00 + GST

Pietra Grey Honed Limestone (6)

Pietra Grey Polished Limestone Slabs 20mm

Seagrass brushed limestone (5)

Fossil Brushed Limestone Slabs 20mm

Ivory Filled & Honed dining table with ivory tumbled pavers (1)

Dining Table Custom Cut Natural Stone Marble, Travertine, Granite or Limestone

About Limestone


Stone Wholesalers stocks a variety of A-Grade dense limestone products in Sydney. Limestone tiles, pavers and slabs are a make up of calcium carbonate and other mineral generally with a combination of fossils, corals, shells etc creating an amazing and natural look and feel. Limestone tiles, pavers and slabs can create an elegant, soft and luxurious look.

Limestone is suitable for use on floor tiles and pavers, wall cladding, stair treads and as pool coping. Limestone is known for not absorbing as much heat as other products like granite pavers making it perfect to walk on even on 30 degree summer days. This is the same for our marble and travertine tiles and pavers. Due to the light colors and the mineral make up of the limestone tiles and pavers they will leave the bottom of your feet cool in hot days.

Our Limestone products are of high quality and high density. Each piece of our Limestone has been hand-picked to offer you the best quality product. The key secret of natural stone quality is its selection. Every piece of stone is hand-selected and graded. Limestone is ideal to be used inside and outside.

What is Limestone?

Limestone is a naturally occurring substance often found in caves or sea beds and is mainly found in countries such as Mexico, America and Italy. The toughness and natural beauty make it a popular material that has been used by man for decades.

Where can Limestone Pavers be Used?

Limestone tiles can be used as flooring in both interior and exterior areas, and a variety of other different settings as well. Limestone can be used in:

  • Indoor living areas to add beauty and comfort to your room
  • Pool coping and surroundings
  • Driveway
  • Patio or alfresco
  • Wall claddings and water features
  • Walkways or Pathways
  • Courtyards
  • Verandas
  • Stepping Stones
  • Decorative landscaping elements

The natural, earthy tones associated with limestone pavers make limestone pavers an appealing product that can be used in and around your property.

Limestone provides the largest variety of options for your flooring. Limestone comes in several colors, from deep gray to beige. Therefore, there is a perfect color available for any of your interior or exterior designs. We strive to provide limestone products that are versatile and suitable for all design types. The finishes we add to the stones such as tumbled, brushed sandblasted and distressed simply help distinguish them, revealing their natural variations.

Call Stone Wholesalers today for more details about our Limestone products.

Are you planning to replace your old brick paving with new limestone tiles? Or are you searching for new pavers? Stone Wholesalers offer great limestone tiles and limestone pavers in Sydney. If you're looking for new limestone pavers, limestone tiles for your bathroom or limestone cladding for your new project, drop by one of our showrooms today. We have everything you require.

Where do you deliver to?

Stone Wholesalers delivers its stone products all over Australia and New Zealand. Stone tiles, pavers and slabs must be carefully managed and we know how to get them to your doorstep without damage, crack or breakage. You can contact us anytime or email us for more information.

What are the different types of pool coping?

Picking the right pool coping is crucial to your safety. We use three kinds of pool coping, including tumbled or square bottom, bullnose edge and drop edge, suitable for all pool dimensions. All pool coping we provide can be used according to your preferences and needs.

Where are you located?

You can easily find us at our great location. We are located at Unit 6, 15-17 Tucks Rd Seven Hills, NSW, 2147. We are open Monday-Friday, 8:30-4:30 and Saturday, 8:30-12:30. See our largest collection of stone slabs, pool coping and all sorts of stone items in our massive Sydney showroom and warehouse.

Will my pavers stain?

You can save your pavers from any stains if you use a good quality sealer. We carry the best sealers for all types of stone works such as Actichem Solv Seal Gold and Actichem Intense Sealers. These sealers do a great job of protecting your slab stones from all types of stains and provide the best protection for all your natural stone products.