Tundra Grey Sandblasted Stone Wholesalers

Tundra Grey Sandblasted Limestone | 15mm, 18mm Tiles & 30mm Pavers

$95.50$120.50 + GST


Ritali Grey Sandblasted Marble | 12mm Tiles & 30mm Pavers

$95.50$120.50 + GST

Fume Grey Light Stone Wholesalers

Fume Grey Light Sandblasted Marble | 12mm Tiles & 30mm Pavers

$120.50$142.50 + GST

moon grey tatiana

Moon Grey Sandblasted Marble | 12mm Tiles & 30mm Pavers

$95.50$120.50 + GST

Fume Grey Dark Stone Wholesalers

Fume Grey Dark Sandblasted Marble | 12mm Tiles & 30mm Pavers

$110.50$120.50 + GST


Bianco Ibiza Sandblasted Marble 12mm Tiles & 30mm Pavers

$108.50$118.50 + GST

Tundra Grey

Tundra Grey Polished Limestone | 15mm Tiles

$121.50 + GST

Calacatta Marble Pavers Sandblasted

Calacatta Sandblasted Marble | 30mm Pavers

$136.50 + GST

Imperial White marble honed (4)

Imperial White Marble Honed Tiles JUMBO range

$120.50$126.50 + GST

WhatsApp Image 2022-09-08 at 1.18.11 PM (3)

Ritali Grey Sandblasted Marble 300x150x30mm Pavers

$96.50 + GST

White Carrara Marble

Carrara Polished Marble | 12mm Tiles

$106.50 + GST

New York Sandblasted Pavers (3)

New York Sandblasted Marble | 12mm Tiles & 30mm Pavers

$103.50$122.50 + GST

Tundra Grey Honed tiles (4)

Tundra Grey Honed Limestone | 15mm Tiles

$121.50 + GST


Imperial White Polished Marble 20mm


Light Emperador Polished Marble 20mm Slabs

$190.00 + GST

Sofia Beige Polished Marble 20mm Slabs

Sofia Beige Polished Marble 20mm Slabs

$200.00 + GST

Alacante Aegean Brown marble

Alacante Aegean Brown Marble Slabs 20mm

$150.00 + GST


Cappuccino Marble Slabs 20mm

$190.00 + GST


Emprador Black Marble Slabs 20mm

$180.00 + GST

Tundra Grey Honed Slabs

Tundra Grey Honed Limestone Slabs 20mm

$280.00 + GST

New Grey Marble Pavers

New Grey Sandblasted Marble 18mm Tile & 30mm Paver

$121.50$131.50 + GST

Nero Diamante Slabs

Nero Diamante Marble Based Engineered Stone 3000x1200x20mm

$130.00 + GST

Charcoal Lightning Polished Marble Slabs

Charcoal Lightning Polished Marble Slabs 20mm

$150.00 + GST

Tiger Skin Polished Marble Stone Wholesalers

Tiger Skin Polished Marble

$380.00 + GST

Ritali Grey Polished Marble Stone Wholesalers

Ritali Grey Polished Marble Slabs

$380.00 + GST

Beige Fossil Scuro Polished Marble (1)

Beige Fossil Scuro Marble Slabs 20mm

Rosa Laguna Polished Marble (8)

Roso Laguna Marble Slabs 20mm

Natures Art Polished Marble (3)

Nature’s Art Polished Marble Slabs 20mm

Ivory Filled & Honed dining table with ivory tumbled pavers (1)

Dining Table Custom Cut Natural Stone Marble, Travertine, Granite or Limestone

Calacatta Gold Sandblasted Pavers (4)

Calacatta Gold Sandblasted Marble 12mm Tiles & 30mm Pavers

$136.50 + GST

Honey Onyx Stone Wholesalers

Honey Onyx Slabs

$550.00 + GST

Grey Mist Marble Sandblasted Pavers (1)

Grey Mist Sandblasted Marble Pavers

$106.50 + GST

About Marble

Marble Tiles
If you're searching for the best marble varieties in Sydney, Stone Wholesalers give you the perfect marble choices that suit your project needs. Our marble, with its consistency and elegant look, brings a glamorous visual appeal to any room in your home or business. Marble's luxury presence enhances your home's elegance and value. Home owners, builders, architects and designers prefer marble for its elegance and durability. At Stone Wholesalers, we provide the finest marble tiles, pavers and marble benchtop slabs in Sydney.

Whatever type of marble you're searching for, Stone Wholesalers has got it in store for you. We've stocked all types of marble variants in bulk to help you complete your project, big or small. Stone Wholesalers are the most reliable wholesalers of marble tiles, marble pavers, marble slabs, marble benchtops, marble offcuts, marble dining tables and marble floor tiles, marble BBQ benchtops, marble splashbacks, marble vanities in Sydney. We sell the best quality marble slabs, tiles and benchtop slabs in Sydney.

Marble Benchtops Sydney
Marble and granite give your kitchen benchtops a wonderful look. They are durable, long-lasting and does not age or go out of fashion. Stone Wholesalers provides a wide range of marble slabs with a variety of shades, veins, and textures. Let your premium marble kitchen benchtops look stylish, elegant and beautiful.

Stone Wholesalers are specialists in delivering Sydney's top-quality natural stones. We are the favorite marble stone supplier in Sydney because of our quality, customer service and pricing.

Elegance and design: all our stones offer elegance and style to your interior and exterior.


Fine polished: We supply fine-polished stones to deliver the best visual appeal.

Cost-effective: We provide cost-effective solutions for all your marble slab needs.

Quality-assured: As a family business we take pride that our father being a master stonemason is a true artist in his field with over 35 years of experience. Our marble stone slabs and accessories guarantee the quality of your home or commercial buildings. Stone Wholesalers is your one-stop destination for all forms of marbles, limestone, travertine, onyx and granite.

If you're searching for a professional marble benchtop supplier in Sydney, contact us today to find out all about our products and services.

Buy your favorite marble today!

When you are searching for marble slabs, marble tiles, marble pavers or marble benchtops in Sydney, contact us today for a free quote. Enjoy top-quality marble stones from Sydney's most experienced marble, travertine, limestone, onyx and granite supplier.

Where do you deliver to?

Stone Wholesaler delivers all types of stone products across Australia and New Zealand. Stone sheets must be carefully handled and we know how to deliver them to your doorstep in seamless shape without damage, cracking or breakage. call us today for any information you require about our delivery process. 

What are the different types of pool coping?

Selecting the right pool coping is vital for your protection. We use three types of pool coping including tumbled or square bottom, bullnose edge and drop edge, suitable for all pool types. All the natural stones we have with us can be used in accordance with your preferences and needs.

Where are you located?

We are situated conveniently at Unit 6, 15-17 Tucks Rd Seven Hills, NSW, 2147. We are open from Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 4:30 and from Saturday 8:30 to 12:30. In our large showroom and warehouse in Sydney, check out our largest collection of stone slabs, pool coping and all sorts of stone items.

Will my pavers stain?

You can protect your pavers from any stains, if you use a high-quality sealer. We only supply and use Actichem Solv Seal Gold and Actichem Intense Sealers, two very strong sealers. These sealers protect your slab stones from all kinds of stains to provide the best protection for your stonework.