Antique Silver Travertine

Antique Silver Tumbled & Unfilled Travertine 12mm Tiles & 30mm Pavers

$85.50$95.50 + GST


Classic Premium Tumbled & Unfilled Travertine | 12mm Tiles & 30mm Pavers

$87.50$97.50 + GST


Latte Silver Tumbled & Unfilled Travertine | 12mm Tiles & 30mm Pavers

$93.50$103.50 + GST


Silver Premium Tumbled & Unfilled Travertine | 12mm Tiles & 30mm Pavers

$105.50$115.50 + GST

Ivory Travertine Unfilled and Tumbled Stone Wholesalers

Ivory Premium Tumbled & Unfilled Travertine | 12mm Tiles & 30mm Pavers

$105.50$115.50 + GST

Ivory Filled & Honed Travertine

Ivory Light Filled & Honed Travertine | 12mm Tiles

$80.50$104.50 + GST

Lunar Silver showroom (2)

Lunar Premium Silver Tumbled & Unfilled Travertine 610x406x30mm

$105.50$115.50 + GST


Titanium Silver Tumbled & Unfilled Travertine | 12mm Tiles & 30mm Pavers

$125.50$135.50 + GST

Antique Classic showroom (2)

Antique Classic Tumbled & Unfilled Travertine 30mm Pavers

$82.50 + GST

Noce Sandblasted travertine

Noce Sandblasted Travertine JUMBO | 12mm Tile & 30mm Paver

$87.50 + GST

Silver Split Face Cladding 100mmx20mm Stone Wholesalers

Silver Split Face Travertine Cladding 20mm

$82.50 + GST

Rustic Ivory Tumbled & Unfilled (2)

Rustic Ivory Tumbled & Unfilled Travertine

$92.50 + GST


Classic Split Face Travertine Cladding 20mm

$77.50 + GST

Ivory Sandblasted Travertine (3)

Ivory Sandblasted & Unfilled Travertine

$115.50 + GST

Stone Wholesalers Natural Stone Basins (11)

Classic Travertine Bowl Basin

$450.00 + GST

Classic Filled & Honed Travertine

Classic Filled & Honed Travertine | 12mm Tiles

Stone Wholesalers Natural Stone Basins (5)

Classico Travertine HCM Bowl Basin

$500.00 + GST


Silver Travertine Honed & Unfilled Slabs 30mm

$250.00 + GST

Ivory Filled & Honed dining table with ivory tumbled pavers (1)

Dining Table Custom Cut Natural Stone Marble, Travertine, Granite or Limestone

Lunar titanium silver showroom (1)

Lunar Titanium Silver Travertine

$135.50 + GST

About Travertine

Top Travertine Wholesaler and Supplier Sydney
You can find the complete range of Travertine Stone products here at Stone Wholesalers. Travertine gives a great classic look to both vintage or modern houses and commercial properties. We carry a large range of travertine tiles, pavers, pool coping and stone slabs for all types of residential or commercial developments in Sydney.

We've got a travertine product for you, regardless of your style Classic, traditional, vintage or modern, we have it all. At Stone Wholesalers, we have tiles and pavers for every style and budget. Our skilled staff will assist you in making the right selection. We work with projects of all sizes ranging from small homes to large scale commercial developments.

Travertine Stone
Travertine is a limestone that is great to use for home, office or commercial space.  This natural stone is being used for ages in areas such as pillars, walls, floors and many more.

Travertine stone can be used in the following areas:

  • Floors
  • Stairs
  • Walls
  • Kitchen splashbacks
  • Benchtops
  • Pathways
  • Pool coping

Benefits of Using Travertine
Here are some of the benefits of using Travertine products:

  • Doesn’t absorb heat like other products and known to be cool under you feet unlike porcelain, ceramic or granite.
  • Perfect for pool coping and pool surrounds.
  • Gives your area or property a natural look
  • It is very pocket-friendly as compared to other products
  • Very durable and long-lasting

Travertine Pavers
When it comes to pavers, Travertine pavers are an excellent choice because they are beautiful and timeless. Each Travertine stone is unique and special, due to its natural properties. We only provide high-quality A grade Travertine pavers that are long-lasting and best in price.

Travertine pavers come in lots of different colors and finishes. Travertine pavers are much better than concrete pavers. Concrete pavers are not a natural stone and do not come in different designs, sizes and colors.

Travertine stone adds value to your residential property giving it the look you always wanted.

Travertine Pool Coping and Pavers
Travertine Pool pavers are a great option for pool surrounding areas and pavements. They are non-slippery because of their uneven texture. You can choose from our large collection of travertine pool pavers to enhance your outdoor or pool area.

Travertine Tiles
Travertine tiles are a very popular choice for home and commercial properties across Australia. Travertine is a part of the limestone family. This makes it the best choice for outdoor areas. Travertine tiles can be used on heritage buildings, facades, pathways and even sidewalks. These tiles become more beautiful as they age and can last for centuries to come. Travertine tiles need to be sealed properly in order to preserve their beauty. Visit our website to check out our wide range of Travertine Tiles.
Travertine Flooring
We have a large range of travertine flooring options you can choose from. We offer quality travertine flooring at the best price possible. Travertine flooring is a great option that gives your home or commercial property an aesthetic and modern look. These flooring tiles are very strong and durable. This saves costs in the long run as travertine flooring lasts a lifetime. Contact us today to find more information about Travertine Flooring.

Travertine floor tiles are very strong, easy to clean and allergy or dust-free. Travertine flooring tiles are the latest trend in Australia. They give a beautiful natural look that is easy to maintain, especially once sealed with a high quality sealer.

Where do you deliver to?

Stone Wholesalers delivers its stone products all over Australia and New Zealand. Stone tiles, pavers and slabs must be carefully managed and we know how to get them to your doorstep without damage, crack or breakage. You can contact us anytime or email us for more information.

What are the different types of pool coping?

Picking the right pool coping is crucial to your safety. We use three kinds of pool coping, including tumbled or square bottom, bullnose edge and drop edge, suitable for all pool dimensions. All pool coping we provide can be used according to your preferences and needs.

What are the different types of pool coping?

Selecting the right pool coping is vital for your protection. We use three types of pool coping including tumbled or square bottom, bullnose edge and drop edge, suitable for all pool types. All the natural stones we have with us can be used in accordance with your preferences and needs

Where are you located?

We are situated conveniently at Unit 6, 15-17 Tucks Rd Seven Hills, NSW, 2147. We are open from Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 4:30 and from Saturday 8:30 to 12:30. In our large showroom and warehouse in Sydney, check out our largest collection of stone slabs, pool coping and all sorts of stone items.

Will my pavers stain?

You can protect your pavers from any stains, if you use a high-quality sealer. We only supply and use Actichem Solv Seal Gold and Actichem Intense Sealers, two very strong sealers. These sealers protect your slab stones from all kinds of stains to provide the best protection for your stonework