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Actichem’s Intense (AP178) is a premium quality sealer which enhances and enriches the natural colour and beauty of all stone types, whilst imparting outstanding stain protection. Intense beautifies and enriches the natural colouring found in stone by making the stone more light absorbent. The more light that is absorbed by the stone, the darker it will appear to the naked eye. This system also assists in maintaining consistent indoor temperatures reducing the need for heating and cooling systems.

Intense is a clear, penetrating, breathable, VOC compliant surface treatment for use on all stone types including Marble, Granite, Concrete and construction stone.

Recommended applications:

Intense is well suited to all stone types. Substrates with larger open pores such as bluestone and sandstone respond exceptionally well to Intense. Substrates which are dense such as granite or polished marble are often more successfully treated with Intense Pro. Intense Pro is a modified version for easier and more effective application.

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500 mL, 2.5L, 5L, 15L