Actichem Chlorosan

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Chlorosan is a thickened chlorine detergent, disinfectant and mould remover.

Chlorosan is a chlorinated detergent with a vast variety of applications. The high available chlorine content and excellent detergency gives this thickened product the ability to not only clean, whiten and kill bacteria, viruses and mould but stay on the job longer, especially on vertical surfaces. It’s unique foaming ability makes it the product of choice when using foam generating equipment for cleaning washrooms, abattoirs, butcheries and food preparation environments.

Colour: Yellow
pH: 10
Fragrance: Mild chlorine
Dilution: Ready to use – 1:30 for general cleaning, 1:4 for deep clean
Safety profile: Non-hazardous
Pack sizes: 750ml, 5Lt & 15Lt

Stone Wholesalers stocks 5Lt chlorosan. Other sizes are to be specially ordered

Actichem Chlorosan 5Lt 

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