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Top Bluestone Tiles, Pavers & Blocks Supplier Sydney 

Are you looking for the best Bluestone products in Sydney? Well, you have reached the right place. Stone Wholesalers offer the biggest variety of Bluestone products at the best price in Sydney and Australia. Bluestone also known as basalt is very commonly used in many residential and commercial developments throughout Australia.
Stone Wholesalers are one of the leading suppliers of bluestone tiles, pavings, cladding and cobblestones in Sydney and all over Australia. Bluestone is the perfect choice for both residential and commercial developments and can be easily used in both external and internal areas. Our bluestone products cover the latest designs and give your project a captivating look with their rich colors, durability and attraction.
Read MoreWe carry a variety of Bluestone Products. Here are some of our products and services:

Bluestone Tiles

Bluestone tiles are made from a hard and strong rock of medium grained dark color. This rock is even harder than granite. Bluestone tiles provide a sophisticated and modern look to your indoor or outdoor walls and floors of your residential or commercial project.  Bluestone tiles may be used indoors or outdoors, but it is necessary to mount the tiles on the right ground, mostly on a concrete base. These tiles can also be installed on wooden floors if the proper tile underlay is used.

Bluestone Pavers

Bluestone or basalt pavers are mostly used outdoors for external applications including pool coping because they are much thicker and stronger than Bluestone tiles. We only use the best quality of Bluestone pavers for our customers to ensure they last a lifetime at your home or wherever you want to use them. Bluestone pavers should be used in areas that are heavily used such as driveways and typically fixed to concrete. Our specialists can help and offer free design consultation according to your area and requirements.

Bluestone Blocks

Bluestone blocks are very hard and strong, usually made to order according to your specs and area. These blocks are mostly used in:
  •       Driveways
  •       Garden Edges
  •       Swimming Pools
  •       Retaining Walls
  •       Patios
  •       Pathways
  •       Wall Cladding
We can manufacture bluestone blocks in any size, finish and quantity according to your needs. Special orders require a minimum quantity generally of 300m2.

Bluestone Cobblestone 

Bluestone cobblestone is becoming increasingly popular as a natural stone and is mostly used in outdoor areas, particularly driveway paving. Bluestone cobblestone as its name indicates is a blue-grey colored stone ranging from dark grey to light silver. It gives a modern and beautiful look to your property.  As a natural stone made from igneous rocks, Bluestone is very strong and durable. The exclusive design and feel of Bluestone cobblestones make it useful in a variety of areas.

Bluestone Wall Cladding

Wall cladding is a practical way to decorate your walls. Bluestone wall cladding adds a touch of class to your property and gives it a modern and contemporary look. We are specialists in Bluestone wall cladding and have completed many successful projects for many happy clients all over Sydney and Australia. We have many pocket-friendly options available for you to choose from. 

Bluestone Stepping Stones

Our Bluestone stepping stones can be fixed in any outdoor area such as a garden walkway or outdoor steps. These natural stone steps make the area more useful and give it a wonderful look. Our bluestone steps are properly crafted and may be used in a variety of landscape areas and designs.



Top Travertine Wholesaler and Supplier Sydney

You can find the complete range of Travertine Stone products here at Stone Wholesalers. Travertine gives a great classic look to both vintage or modern houses and commercial properties. We carry a large range of travertine tiles, pavers, pool coping and stone slabs for all types of residential or commercial developments in Sydney. We've got a travertine product for you, regardless of your style Classic, traditional, vintage or modern, we have it all. At
Stone Wholesalers, we have tiles and pavers for every style and budget. Our skilled staff will assist you in making the right selection. We work with projects of all sizes ranging from small homes to large scale commercial developments.
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Travertine Stone

Travertine is a limestone that is great to use for home, office or commercial space.  This natural stone is being used for ages in areas such as pillars, walls, floors and many more.  Travertine stone can be used in the following areas:
  •       Floors
  •       Stairs
  •       Walls
  •       Kitchen splashbacks
  •       Benchtops
  •       Pathways
  •       Pool coping

Benefits of Using Travertine

Here are some of the benefits of using Travertine products:
  •       Doesn’t absorb heat like other products and known to be cool under you feet unlike porcelain, ceramic or granite. Perfect for pool coping and pool surrounds.
  •       Gives your area or property a natural look
  •       It is very pocket-friendly as compared to other products
  •       Very durable and long-lasting

Travertine Pavers

When it comes to pavers, Travertine pavers are an excellent choice because they are beautiful and timeless. Each Travertine stone is unique and special, due to its natural properties. We only provide high-quality A grade Travertine pavers that are long-lasting and best in price. Travertine pavers come in lots of different colors and finishes. Travertine pavers are much better than concrete pavers. Concrete pavers are not a natural stone and do not come in different designs, sizes and colors. Travertine stone adds value to your residential property giving it the look you always wanted.

Travertine Pool Coping and Pavers

Travertine Pool pavers are a great option for pool surrounding areas and pavements. They are non-slippery because of their uneven texture. You can choose from our large collection of travertine pool pavers to enhance your outdoor or pool area.

Travertine Tiles

Travertine tiles are a very popular choice for home and commercial properties across Australia. Travertine is a part of the limestone family. This makes it the best choice for outdoor areas. Travertine tiles can be used on heritage buildings, facades, pathways and even sidewalks. These tiles become more beautiful as they age and can last for centuries to come. Travertine tiles need to be sealed properly in order to preserve their beauty. Visit our website to check out our wide range of Travertine Tiles.

Travertine Flooring

We have a large range of travertine flooring options you can choose from. We offer quality travertine flooring at the best price possible. Travertine flooring is a great option that gives your home or commercial property an aesthetic and modern look. These flooring tiles are very strong and durable. This saves costs in the long run as travertine flooring lasts a lifetime. Contact us today to find more information about Travertine Flooring. Travertine floor tiles are very strong, easy to clean and allergy or dust-free. Travertine flooring tiles are the latest trend in Australia. They give a beautiful natural look that is easy to maintain, especially once sealed with a high quality sealer.

Stone Wholesalers Pty Ltd Australia’s leading supplier of Natural Stones Marble Travertine Limestone Basalt Onyx Tiles Pavers Slabs outdoor travertine tiles, travertine pavers marble pavers, limestone pavers  and indoor marble tiles kitchen bathroom pool surrounds landscaping products. We are located in Sydney Seven Hills area serving all NSW. With over 40 years of experience, every job is completed with professionalism to your specifications.

Leading Stone Wholesaler Sydney

We are the leading supplier and wholesaler of natural stone in Sydney. We have successfully supplied a variety of natural stones to many residential and commercial projects all over Australia. We only supply the highest quality natural stone carefully selected and imported from different parts of the world, direct from the quarries.

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Stone Wholesalers are one of Australia's leading natural stone wholesale company and we are proud to be the specialists in our field. Our experience is second to none as we have been working in this industry for many years. We provide amazing products and services to our customers using our long years of experience in the stone industry. Our professional team is always there to help you choose the best stone according to your project requirements.

Feel free to contact Stone Wholesalers, the most prestigious stone suppliers in Sydney for professional advice on all types of natural stone including travertine, bluestone and many more. We supply natural stone at the best wholesale price, directly to landscapers, planners, designers, contractors, builders and more.

Providing All Your Natural Stone Needs

We provide complete packages according to your needs. Just sit and relax and let us do the quality work you are looking for. 

What We Offer


We collaborate with interior designers, architects and builders to make sure all key elements of your specific design are met according to your exact specifications and requirements. You will get incredible results in all aspects of stone supply and design when you get your work done from Stone Wholesalers Sydney.


Finding and supplying the perfect stone according to your specifications and requirements is the most crucial and important part of our work. Here at Stone Wholesalers, we carry natural stone of all types and sizes including Marble, Travertine, Limestone, Bluestone and Onyx.

We can also cut and make custom bullnose and drop edge the stone in-house to fit any dimension. We can support you irrespective of the type of natural stone you are looking for. We work with the best transport companies to ensure timely delivery at the best price possible. Each project is confronted with a professional approach in order to get the best outcomes possible.

Stone Supplier Sydney

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  •       We offer the best quality Natural Stone for the best price all over Australia
  •       Our Stone Wholesalers team has a very high-quality control standards when selecting quarries and material selections.
  •       We can supply any quantity of natural stone for any size of commercial or residential project
  •       Our team has years of experience in the Natural Stone industry of Australia

The Best Selection at the Best Price

Importing quality products, our materials are distributed throughout Sydney, and now statewide. Our top-quality products are installed in new custom homes, renovations, and even buildings in town.

With over 50,000 sqm of stock, our warehouse is packed with Marble, Travertine and Limestone from around the world, we are ready to serve you.


Stone Wholesalers works with two major trucking companies so that we can meet your natural stone material needs quickly. We pack your order professionally in our Seven Hills, Sydney warehouse facility and arrange cost-effective shipping.


Stone Wholesalers can offer incredible prices because you're buying directly from an Importer. There is no minimum order and open to the general public at our every day low prices. Please contact us for more details and pricing.